How to unblock shower Hither Green

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May 6, 2016
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June 18, 2016

Having an issue with a Blocked shower Hither Green?

Take these cues for an easy unclogging of your shower today!

Wire hanger

First off, the wire hanger can work better than you expect. Gone are the days where you will only use them as merely a hanger. Now, unbend the hanger and make a long wire with a U shape on one of the edges. This will help you in scraping all the debris, hair or molds out of the drain. This is a surprising device that works like magic to clean all the nasty stuff without the need to ask a plumber. You will figure out that it is a nice tool that can be cleaned just by running hot water and disinfectant.

The wet dry vacuum

This is a great tool because the tool can unclog the drain by sucking all the debris inside. Make sure that the vacuum is available with a liquid feature; otherwise, it would not be good for the shower or the vacuum itself. Turn it on to its highest level and then you should be able to unclog the drain as it sucks out everything.

Baking soda and vinegar

It is useful to clean up the oven. However, there is indeed another way to use the solution. You can get rid of clogs by mixing vinegar and baking soda – and then pour them in the hole. Once you leave them sitting for a few minutes, pour in hot water to remove the debris. This natural solution is preferred since it does not need any chemical ingredients that may harm you or cause further trouble.

Sodium hydroxide

There better be gloves and goggles involved when unclogging the shower using this caustic soda. Pour it into cold water, stir well and heat it up before pouring it in the hole.

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