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Manholes are constructed in areas where there is no municipal solution (sewer system) for waste water removal. Manholes are constructed with two or three chambers that have the function to separate all the waste materials into solid and liquid and to prevent spreading of unpleasant smells and diseases. With the use of plastic manholes, a user can prevent both unpleasant smells and diseases because these manholes are easily placed into the ground where they will perform their function safely.
Manholes are constructed in such a way that 2/3 of their entire volume is the first part/first chamber that is accepting the first entrance of waste materials and waters. This is where the majority of sedimentation happens, so this chamber collects all the solid waste materials, dirt and mud. In the case of a three-chamber manhole due to a larger intake of waste materials, the first two chambers have the function to collect solid waste and mud. The flow of partially purified waters isn’t allowed into the water springs or other surface waters. A system of pipes and channels makes sure to release waste water deeper into the ground where no source of clean water can be in jeopardy.

Different manhole models:

1 Two-chamber manholes-system for the collection and partial purification of waste waters, usually from weekend houses, but also from full time houses.
2 Three-chamber plastic manholes-system for the collection and partial purification of waste waters, usually from objects with higher populations, i.e. buildings, hotels, schools, etc.

Pipelined manholes are made of safe and durable plastic material which ensures safe usage and significantly decreases cases of a Blocked manhole Hither Green. This plastic material is resistant to all different chemicals used in the household, which makes such manholes a safe solution for kitchens, bathtubs, showers, etc. When constructing a manhole, one should keep in mind that the location should be easily accessible for a vehicle with the machine for emptying a manhole so that you don’t experience the problem of a Blocked manhole Hither Green due to lack of emptying and proper maintenance.

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