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A basic guide:
To carry out this job there is no need to fit an overflow connection as it is integrally fitted. Hither Green Plumbers can fit all types of basins. This type of fitting usually has suitable rubber washers but if these are not available these joints can be made by following the instructions below:

Place a ring of plumber’s mate or silicone rubber on the underneath of the piece of the waste fitting that connects to the basin’s outlet. To guarantee that the joint will succeed it has to be completely dry, or no jointing mediums that you are going to use will adhere to the porcelain.

Place the waste fitting into position and put another ring of plumbers mate on, with the silicon or a large rubber washer to the area around where the threaded part comes through the waste hole in the appliance, now fit a 32mm polythene washer.
Run a large back nut onto the waste fitting, clamping the whole unit together to form a seal. In order to stop the fitting from spinning inside the basin when you are screwing up the back nut, put two screwdrivers through the slots or grates in the waste fitting and hold securely in place.

A Hither Green Plumber will always carry the correct tools and compounds for a particular job. As soon as the appliance has been assembled you can then start another process often called the “second fix”. Hold the appliance in position, and make sure it is adequately supported and also level. The top of this appliance is plumbed in level because there is a natural gradient towards the waste already in the design of the appliance. Please note that when you carry out a complete plastic bath fit, there are extra wall fixing clips included with the appliance to stop the bath sagging under the weight of the bathwater as it fills up.

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