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April 25, 2014
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The central heating boiler is supplied in different shapes and sizes, yet they all perform the same function, just with a few subtle differences. When you need to change your boiler either by choice or necessity you will need to consider some points before you make your final choice. A Professional plumbing service like Hither Green Plumbers are qualified to carry out boiler installations are a good choice as the boiler must be fitted by a registered engineer.

You need to make sure that the boiler is correct for your requirements. Below are some things to consider:

Check if you have the space to accommodate a new boiler.
Don’t forget the pipework and cylinders etc.
You should check the energy efficiency information for each type of boiler.
Factor in the cost of servicing and maintenance.
Be aware boilers operate on various fuels like: LPG, oil, gas, solid fuel and of course electricity. Below is a short list of options available:

Back Boiler:
This design is very old now and is not fitted in new build houses. They sat behind open fireplaces. They also provided hot water from a heat exchanger.

This type of boiler comprises of two separate vessels, with the first a large cold-water storage cylinder and the second is something called a feed and expansion tank. The cylinder is mains fed, heated by the boiler, and provides the domestic hot water supply, and feed to the central heating circulating pump.

This type is also a multi-point style of boiler as well as a central heating boiler. Providing hot water from a cold water mains supply as required to the taps all through the house. A Hither Green Plumber is trained on all types of boilers.

The design means that the water returning from the heating system cools the flue gases. This has the name “High Efficiency” type of system and is best with lower water temperature in the system. This is a very efficient boiler. They are available to operate with fuels like, gas, LPG or oil.

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